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Communication process

Dear Client,

So far, you should have seen client work, read reviews and played with cost calculator on this website.

I hope you have become comfortable with hipinspire and you are ready to share your project details with me. You can use any or all options described below:

I am happy to discuss every tiny detail and prepare you a full cost breakdown. I am happy to sign an NDA and contract. To begin with work, small deposit payment is required.

First concept delivery is 2 business days after receiving deposit payment.

My record is 4 hours from receiving the first email from the client interested in website and who didn't know anything about it to paid deposit and project start.

Once the project has started, I am at your disposal Monday-Friday during EST business hours (8am-4pm EST). For the communication, I use same tools as you do.

In the first week, I can deliver up to 20 hours of work. Each next week I can deliver up to 40 hours of work. Before each task, I give you a precise estimate.

I send you weekly invoices for work done in the past week with detailed hours & deliverables report.

Payment options are PayPal, credit card, wire transfer, SEPA transfer, Transferwise, and Payoneer.

Design process: real client project



You did some work for us in the past.
It was www.o3spaces.com

I have a new project request for creating a new design in kind of the same format. It's www.postex.com (in Dutch now).

The US website will be more focused on conversational documents in the insurance space.

1. What is link to your website?

2. Could you please give input and examples of websites you like?
The website Stripe.com is also a good example. The salesforce US site has some great illustrations as well.



We got some feedback. We want to stick with
the structure of the current website.

A couple remarks about your proposal:

1. current homepage title: Please change it to //Conversational documents// instead of experience the......

2. The homepage needs more color, it's not better than the current one. Please surprise us.

3. We want to see a new eyecatching illustration instead of the phone with the watch.

So in short: Focus on the homepage, and keep the current structure. So please send a new proposal for the homepage.

REVISION #1 2.5h


It's getting better. Contrast and colors little bit fresher.

1. Block1 (homeblock)
Nice but need more contrast/ background pattern for example and/or dialog/conversation icons on the right. Would be nice to have the block connected to the block below. Ala stripe for example

2. Block2
Idea is good. Please use for the Illustration a more flat iphone mockup ala stripe is using and try to let it look like an conversation. (payment, message, etc icons for example)

3. Block3
Add shadow? gradient, more detail?

REVISION #2 1.5h


That's it.
Do you have the final PSD file for us?